About Us

Queen of Harns is a contemporary Greek leather goods brand by Zafeiria Saapoglou. Inspiration springs from the art of bondage, all pieces are gender- neutral. The creations evolve around freedom and expression for the user to let their mood and attitude shine, through versatile designs presented in an extensive range of colours.  
Artfully hand-crafted and beautifully designed, each piece breathes new life into the ever-evolving wardrobe. Our silhouettes are defined by structure and remain wearable through the changing of trends and seasons. We are detailed and thoughtful in our manufacturing to ensure our accessories are not only affordable but can withstand the test of time. We ensure our products are being made with the highest of standards and quality materials.
The mission serves to simplify and enhance the dynamic lives of fashion-forward, sophisticated, and strong women. Beauty should be effortless. This is what Queen of Harns is all about, solid contrasts that enable who wears them to feel even more confident, powerful and sophisticated.